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Many are the times that students get lost in the world of research wondering whether they are supposed to write a book report. For you to be able to write a book review that will deliver the message that you intend, you must first understand the difference between it and a report.

What is the difference between a book review and a book report?

A review is a summary of a book or works that have recently been completed. Its key aim is to give a summary of the major points in the written works and help in bringing out the major strengths and weaknesses in such works. Book review writing is supposed to give the reader a peek into how the book is. It is often made up of less than 750 words and gives some insights into whether the reviewer enjoyed the read or not.

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On the other hand, writing report is supposed to give a very short description of what the book is all about. While a review will summarize the major points, the report will focus on the major plot of the story. In many instances, a report writer will not use more than 500 words. In effect, a report is supposed to be shorter than a review.

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